About Us


Top shelf cannabis is what we do. Our expertly tuned growing, processing, and extraction techniques - combined with uncompromising standards – are signature to Mary Mechanix and result in the quality products by which we stand.


Growing cannabis is, in fact, an art. Our proprietary growing methods were developed by a select team of experts from across the country. Combined with industry-leading equipment, we are truly designed to deliver exceptional cannabis products.

Our Reviews

Strongest vape I have bought yet. Cartel...Helix...1937...they dont come close. But the proof is in the pudding. And consistency is the key. All the others are different from cart to cart. Hope the next will be as good


These have quickly become my favorite carts. I recently picked one up that wouldn’t pull for me. The dispensary I bought it from wouldn’t exchange it so I reached out to the company and they replaced my cart!! I will continue to support a company that backs their products like this!


Exceptional quality, from personality to products. Carts taste phenomenal. Prerolls burn perfectly. So impressed with these guys and gals.